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If you are seeking a veterinarian in Mexicali that offers comprehensive services for your pet's well-being, look no further than Clinica Veterinaria MG. From routine wellness exams to vaccinations, deworming, dermatology, and specialized care for cardiac patients, we provide a wide range of services tailored to your pet's needs.
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Consultas especializadas veterinarias en Mexicali

Specialty Consults

We offer specialized consultations to address any concerns about your pet's health. Our highly trained veterinarians conduct thorough assessments for accurate diagnoses, providing answers to your questions and developing personalized treatment plans.
Cirugia veterinaria en Mexicali


We have an expert surgical team to perform safe and effective procedures. From routine surgeries to more complex interventions, your pet is in the hands of skilled veterinarians. Our priority is your pet's full recovery and postoperative comfort.
Veterinarian in Mexicali specialized in orthopedics


At Clinica Veterinaria MG, we use advanced orthopedic techniques to address muscular and skeletal issues. Our commitment is to ensure the optimal recovery and restoration of your pets' normal functionality, enhancing their mobility and quality of life.
Limpieza dental veterinaria en Mexicali

Dental Care

Dental cleaning is a crucial component of pets' oral health. Our approach involves specialized procedures to remove plaque and tartar, preserving gum and teeth health. Dental cleanings enhance oral health and contribute to the overall well-being of pets.
Veterinaria con rayos x digital en Mexicali

X Rays

In veterinary medicine, X-rays are an essential tool for obtaining detailed images of bones and internal tissues. We use digital X-rays for clearer and faster images, allowing for the evaluation of structural problems and supporting our veterinarians' diagnoses.
Ultrasound services from your veterinarian in Mexicali


Ultrasounds are crucial for obtaining detailed internal images of pets. At Clínica Veterinaria MG, we use this tool to gather detailed information aiding in the diagnosis of internal conditions, providing profound insights to help us make the best therapeutic decisions.
Veterinarian in Mexicali with diagnostic lab

Diagnostic Laboratory

We use lab tests in cases of illness and in routine check-ups, evaluating overall health and as preparation before surgeries. They provide quick information for your veterinarian in Mexicali to choose effective treatments and offer comprehensive preventive care.
Farmacia veterinaria en Mexicali


Our veterinary pharmacy ensures convenient access to prescribed medications and quality products. Whether as part of a specific treatment or to maintain ongoing health, we offer a variety of solutions tailored to the individual needs of your pets.

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